Its 2007, Welcome back to my Outdated notepad/vi Site,
just for personal reff, and remembering what on earth I did in my life.
Skated Quite some trips, didn't really log many.
So What did I log? Why bother?
Well The weather is pathatic, so now would be a good time to start (need to fix this layout, its ugly)

New Start 2008
Jump Icon2008.

September 21th ,Friday night skate, not much skating in these pictures.
Jump IconFriday Nite and Weekend.
September 16th , Skating in Lisse on a sunday morning
Jump IconLisse Morning.
September 8th and 9th, Skating in Paris Jump IconParis Central on the Saturday. Jump IconThe Hillz trip to Versaille on Sunday.
Jump IconStop the Pigeon. Jump IconSeriously. Jump IconParis Skyline. Jump IconOn the Road
Aug112007.html August 11th 2007 Friday Night Skate Jump IconAug 11th.

August 3rd 2007 Friday Night Skate Jump IconAug 3rd.Great weather once again

July 28th 2007 Friday Night Skate Jump IconJuly 28th.Great weather for a change

July 16th 2007 Casual afternoon Skate with Tom and his LadyJump IconJuly 16th .Just before the rain

July 13th 2007 First Friday Night Skate this year(partial) stupid routeJump IconJuly 13.Weather was alright

July incidentals Jump IconJuly Mixed.Just a bunch of pictures.

Cut Here ----> this is where the previous year starts <---

Skate Log 2002 till 2006 (rolling update)

No one would have believed in the early years of the twenty-first century
that our world was being watched by a bunch of skaters

Guess what I think i started this page in 2002 and its already four years later
It needs some Maintainance, today Aug 31st 2006 , time for a major update

Dont Worry, I won't change the default VI look for anything Fancy, i've just added some pictures

Lets get started, Below a picture of ME, taken by a famous fotographer called Mappy.

Welcome to my Skating Page, events added in chronological order, Newest on top

2006 Skating Season 2006 ... Bought new Skates Lovely

These are State of The art Click on Click Off Skates, So practical you can't resist buying em.

First drawback: have to put on your shoes then the skate
Second drawback: When you take your skate off you are in your shoes wearing your knee protectors (great)

Picture on white Background (ugly) please fix


I think I FOUND them all, amazing hu, who would have guessed, most are resized for your pleasure, some are LARGE

October 2006,
October 22nd Jump IconAmersfoort Sunday Morning Trip

September 2006,
September 30th Jump IconUtrecht Sept 30 Lazy Sunny Afternoon

September 29th Jump IconUtrecht White Night Sept 29 Perfect Weather

September 22th Jump IconUtrecht Sept 22 Cloudy but warm

September 15th and 16th2006 Jump IconParis Night Skate Sept 2006 Weather Gods on our side

September 8th 2006 Jump IconUtrecht 8st Sept 2006 Great Weather Once Again

September 1st 2006 Jump IconUtrecht 1st Sept 2006 Great Weather in the middle of a Rather Wet Week

August 2006,No pictures where taken in August 2006, not on scates anyway

July 2006 Jump IconHaarlem 2006 July Half of the Utrecht Clan on Tour
June 2006 Jump IconHaarlem 2006 June Just a Couple of pics from another Haarlem Night Skate
June 2006 Part One Jump IconJune 2006 Part 1 A Bunch of pictures from Friday Night Scate Utrecht Starring Mappy,Vera,Danielle,Femke,Ester, etc etc
and pictures of Smo and Esters friends,and some random shots of Mveen Lake Distict)

June 2006 Part Two Jump IconJune 2006 Part 2 Vlasakkers Avec Mappy,Vera,Danielle,Ester,Esters Friends etc etc,
and a bunch of Friday Night Skate pics featuring Femke and Astrid.
June 2006 Lost Archives Jump IconMissing 2006 I dont remember taking these
LeftOvers Jump IconJuly Teaching the Neighbours Kid, how to skate (tough job)

2005 Skating Season 2005 ...
Season 2005 ALL of IT Jump Icon2005All over the place with Syts. Hellen, Sis,Fem,Tjitske, etc etc
July 2005 Missing Jump IconJuly 2005Thought I had it all, Just then I found these, more of 2005

2004 Skating Season 2004 ... Need new Skates The Month of May
May 14th 2004Jump IconFriday Night Scate Friday Night Scate Utrecht West with Mappy
May 18th 2004Jump IconGeneral Skating Pics May 2004A Quick skate in Soest Baarn Maarssen Nijmegen Utrecht
May 28th 2004Jump IconFriday Night Scate Friday Night Scate Utrecht Overvecht with Mappy & Remco

2003 The Skating Season has begun again.
July 2003Jump IconSk8 in the area Just a little Trip from Overvecht to Maarssen and back
May 2003Jump IconPictures of Paris. Left for Paris in the afternoon, dinner in Paris, scatting from 22:00 till 1:00 then drove back
Other Trips this year, the usual trip, maarssen and back, and a nice 35 km marathon, other then that, some skating near werkhoven, zeist, the militairy training ground and England (Dorset area)

Below, Old stuff, left it in, nostalgic, Check this Pics, graphs speeds etc, its groovy stuff
Ancient Digital Pics of me and MappyJump IconOld Crappy Pics Overvecht Tripje avec Mappy

2002 The Skating Season has ended

Guess there will not be much more skating this year,
summer is almost over and the road is already covered with stuff from trees
Anyway. They prommissed Rain today, there was none, so I figured I'd skate an hour or so
Below, Detailed Information of the trip(s)

2003 May 27th.Ok changed the chrono thing, it makes more sence to put it in this order
Today we took the 14 something trip and slightly modified it to make it 18.2
Which is a nice distance for a trip on a day like today

Another slightly longer trip. 18.2 Kilometers

Detailed Track Information

Header Name Start Time Elapsed Time Length Average Speed Top Speed over 20 seconds
Track 001 - 7-9-2002 12:28:02 00:01:43 358 m 12.5 kph 18.5
Track 002 - 7-9-2002 12:30:05 - 00:00:41 96 m 8.4 kph 14.0 kph
Track 003 - 7-9-2002 12:31:13 - 00:15:27 3.4 km 13.3 kph 23.3 kph
Track 004 - 7-9-2002 12:46:51 - 00:01:04 295 m 16.6 kph 18.2 kph
Track 005 - 7-9-2002 12:47:59 - 00:10:43 2.7 km 15.0 kph 19.6 kph
Track 006 - 7-9-2002 12:58:52 - 00:12:41 3.0 km 14.3 kph 22.8 kph
Track 007 - 7-9-2002 13:11:47 - 00:02:23 628 m 15.8 kph 26.4 kph
Track 008 - 7-9-2002 13:14:29 - 00:11:24 2.8 km 14.6 kph 19.9 kph

Total Distance for today 13 277 Meters Aprox in 1 hour

Thats all for now , More info